Apply for project

Overview of basic rules

  • At least one German and one Polish partner are involved in the project. Furthers partners, even outside the funding area, are permitted.  

  • The project partners appoint a responsible project manager (lead partner).

  • The project is assigned to at least one of the specific goals within one priority.

  • The project should fit into the general strategy of the cooperation programme and must clearly demonstrate its contribution to the achievement of the selected specific objective.

  • The project has a demonstrable cross-border added value - it responds to a concrete cross-border problem that can only be solved jointly, has a direct impact on the population of the border area and develops new activities, i.e. it does not merely repeat the measures of previous projects.

  • Project planning and implementation are carried out jointly by the partners. In addition, there is joint project funding and/or joint staff.

  • At least 20 % of the total project costs are borne by the partners themselves. Up to 80 % of the eligible expenses in the project can be reimbursed, after reviewing relevant reports of all partners and the overall report of the lead partner.

  • All expenditure by project partners must first be pre-financed.

Please find all information regarding steps towards project on the German or Polish site.